Patch: add "Remove Decorations" to Windowmenu.m

Mike FABIAN mfabian at
Sat Apr 12 11:50:17 EDT 2003

This patch is against the "openbox-2_3" CVS branch.

There appears to be a new entry "Remove Decorations" in the Windowmenu
in "openbox-2_3" which was not yet there in openbox-2.2.3.

This entry has been added to nls/C/Windowmenu.m already, but not to
the translations in the other languages.

This in wrong labels for the functions in the Windowmenu.  For example
when clicking on "Kill Client" the function "Remove Decorations" is
executed now when using a language different from English.

All labels from the point where the new entry has been inserted are
off by 1. catgets appears to be really ugly, it is good that Openbox 3
will use gettext instead.

I fixed this for the moment by just adding an English entry for
all languages I don't understand. It's better to have an English
entry for this new function than having the labels execute wrong

For German and Japanese I have added translations.

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