[openbox] Patch: sync nls/*/Configmenu.m with nls/C/Configmenu.m

Mads Martin Joergensen mmj at panther.mmj.dk
Tue Apr 22 13:11:14 EDT 2003

* Mike FABIAN <mfabian at suse.de> [Apr 22. 2003 18:12]:
> Most of the translated files in nls/*/Configmenu.m are out of sync
> with the English version in nls/C/Configmenu.m. nls/de_DE/Configmenu.m
> was apparently OK, but most others were lacking some entries found
> the English version completely, therefore functions configuration
> menu had wrong labels and executed the wrong functions.

As soon as this patch is in CVS, I'll update the danish nls.

Mads Martin Joergensen, http://mmj.dk
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