panel / window decoration

Christian von Mueffling cvm at
Wed Apr 9 13:49:59 EDT 2003


I just found OpenBox by coincidence and i'm really impressed
(especially the quite powerful key configuration using epist). I'd
like to change to openbox, but i'm missing (mainly) two things. Maybe
I just overlooked it in the documentation.

So far i'm using icewm and I like the slim panel, with mailbox state,
date/time, cpu load and the desktops. Is something like that also
possible with openbox? As far as i have seen, the toolbar of openbox
is not really customizable, right? And I don't like the typical
dockapps since they are normaly overloaded and simply take to much
space on the desktop.

Also in icewm it is possible to define for a specific window class
things like if the decoration is shown or if it will be ignored when
going to NextWin/PrevWin. Is something like that possible with


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