[Gtkradiant] thoughts on Micheal's reply - Re: Gtkradiant Digest, Vol 22, Issue 15

dtjdjdgk jkfhkfhk eb7898 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 23 03:20:55 CDT 2006

    >would like to contribute", implying [by the nature of his support for
    >your request] that the set of people he talks about haven't contributed
    >yet because of a lack of an unstable version.
    >Your points are different however and seem to apply to folk who have
    >developed patches already.
    >It seems to me you'll only get testers [which sounds like what you
    >actually want / need] if you add the patches to the version that "the
    >community" are using.
    >Which to me would suggest having an "unstable" version is less
    >attractive than using SVN as now [assuming people use that...if they 
    >a downloaded binary or source it still won't help]
    >Getting patches to work against different versions, which you cited as
    >another problem in your first post, isn't a problem that goes away if
    >someone creates another branch or version [although it might help move
    >the problem to someone else, who gets to maintain said branch]

I understand Micheal's points quite well.  Although, the direct points made
during this conversation are not the only things that anyone should be 
"reading into".
...behind the points of the "inspiring contributors" suggestions, 
simply asking for "someone" to inform us of how to get more involved.
--- No one is expecting any changes to suit their perceptions. However it 
would be nice to get
a reply-as to whether or not any development help is needed or , better yet, 

    What we/they would like to know:
    Beyond what is set in black and white and the information we can find in 
    own searching, how else can we get "involved" into helping develop
    radiant ?  Would someone be nice enough to provide specifics ?
    ...or flame my idea...any response will do.

    - I hope that this point isn't a "thorn in anyone's side". We/they would 
like to help.

    Thank you
(on the behalf of 3 people)

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