[Gtkradiant] Re: Gtkradiant Digest, Vol 22, Issue 12

Michael leahcim at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 21 12:47:43 CDT 2006

namespace wrote:
>> ...and you think they've not contributed their code because there isn't 
>> an unstable tree?
> You miss the point. An unstable tree doens't convince people to
> write and commit patches but give developers the opportunity to improve
> their patches alot faster because there can be more feedback from the community.
> With the current system the community can't comment on any patch since
> the lasted builds (the nighly builds) are build from the current unpatched tree.
I didn't miss his point. He said "there were some talented people who 
would like to contribute", implying [by the nature of his support for 
your request] that the set of people he talks about haven't contributed 
yet because of a lack of an unstable version.

Your points are different however and seem to apply to folk who have 
developed patches already.

It seems to me you'll only get testers [which sounds like what you 
actually want / need] if you add the patches to the version that "the 
community" are using.
Which to me would suggest having an "unstable" version is less 
attractive than using SVN as now [assuming people use that...if they use 
a downloaded binary or source it still won't help]

Getting patches to work against different versions, which you cited as 
another problem in your first post, isn't a problem that goes away if 
someone creates another branch or version [although it might help move 
the problem to someone else, who gets to maintain said branch]


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