[Gtkradiant] thoughts on Micheal's reply - Re: Gtkradiant Digest, Vol 22, Issue 15

justin clancyj at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jun 23 04:23:52 CDT 2006

dtjdjdgk jkfhkfhk wrote:
>    >It seems to me you'll only get testers [which sounds like what you
>    >actually want / need] if you add the patches to the version that "the
>    >community" are using.
I would like to know what a "tester" is meant to be in this context.  I
regularly download SVN updates and, if I find a problem, I flag a bug. 
Admittedly, my focus is very narrow (D3 only and on Linux, at that) and
my time is limited - thus limiting my usefulness.  But I would like to know:

1.  Am I a "tester" (if not what can I do to be more helpful)?
2.  Is using Bugzilla the only or best way to report problems?


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