[Gtkradiant] mo' bullshit

Adam "Jabby" Brennecke gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:09:28 -0800

Since I have to deal with alot of newbie problems on the Rust forums, I can
say that having a page on qeradiant.com explaining the QA will not help much
to solve the problem of (quoting ttimo) "QA is going to become even more
tricky, and we're gonna get even more public exposure (specially to
newbies)." I can't belive how many people still ask about sv_pure on the
forums even though we try to pound that information into the new users
heads. Also on the forums at gd.net there are daily questions about where
the GtkRadiant manual is (arg!), where the download links are, and what
version to download. Newbies are just stupid, and they wont understand
anything unless the information is spoonfed. Don't ask me how to accomplish
the spoon feeding though.

And don't drop nightlies.

(will there be support for JKII?)