[Gtkradiant] mo' bullshit

ydnar gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 13:29:14 -0800

Elite Force support seems to be a simple matter of a couple surfaceparms,
could probably assume JKII would be similarly as easy to support.

At least from Q3Map's standpoint.

I should get in touch with someone over at Raven who would know the


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> Since I have to deal with alot of newbie problems on the Rust forums, I
> say that having a page on qeradiant.com explaining the QA will not help
> to solve the problem of (quoting ttimo) "QA is going to become even more
> tricky, and we're gonna get even more public exposure (specially to
> newbies)." I can't belive how many people still ask about sv_pure on the
> forums even though we try to pound that information into the new users
> heads. Also on the forums at gd.net there are daily questions about where
> the GtkRadiant manual is (arg!), where the download links are, and what
> version to download. Newbies are just stupid, and they wont understand
> anything unless the information is spoonfed. Don't ask me how to
> the spoon feeding though.
> And don't drop nightlies.
> (will there be support for JKII?)
> -Jabby
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