[Gtkradiant] Re: Q3Radiant Docs and UI

Comrade.Cid theKillerRabbit gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 13:47:44 -0700

<P>I agree - it appears that id can't integrate outside help in revising its documentation w/o a third-party agreement, which puts my hopes of a direct rewrite of the manual on ice, though i'm strongly considering writing my own version based off the official manual that would tie-in all of the necessary fixes and features requested by community developers.</P>
<P>Timo: What I am/was basically planning is a user-friendly rewrite of the manual, organising/laying out&nbsp;the information to look and read more like a standard product manual, or even better, an osborne- or o'reilly-style manual, including easily referenced information, straightforward tips/warnings/detail areas, tutorials, and -an index-.</P>
<P>I'd be drawing off of the 'official' manual, and pulling in undocumented problems, workarounds, techniques, questions and answers. Effectively, it&nbsp;should be of the same&nbsp;type of&nbsp;&nbsp;manual any of us use in order to quickly get up-to-speed with a language or commercial software. </P>
<P>Once the format&nbsp;is established, and the content laid out, it should be&nbsp;relatively simple to maintain and still have the new information accessible. The only real hurdle is doing a decent rewrite and organising all of the additional information users need - a challenge I am willing to take on.</P>
<P>Once written, and if you think it&nbsp; does the job well enough, would it be possible to distribute it via qeradiant.com, seeing as it will not be 'official' id documentation?</P>
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<DIV></DIV>&gt;Updating the documentation sounds good... there are many many 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;undocumented features, and I have recieved a few comments about 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;the manuals in CVS containing various errors and inconsistencies. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;I'd welcome any contributions.. they could be in the form of diffs on 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;the html manuals in the CVS, so someone else could verify the 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;changes also. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;GtkRadiant 1.1-TA's codebase is unlikely to change, because 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;we're close to releasing a version that is more stable and usable 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;than any previous q3radiant, and it is becoming overdue. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;GtkRadiant 1.2 could have some more major improvements in it, 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;assuming anyone has time to work on them =). I'd like to see the 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;codebase cleaned up and made more modular, so I'm planning to 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;spend time learning c++ until I've got the hang of classes and stuff. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;All the contributions I make will be made with flexibility in mind, so 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;that adding new features and making improvements will hopefully 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;become easier in all areas, including UI. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;On 20 Apr 01, at 9:43, Timothee Besset wrote: 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; .. you should have sent this directly on the GtkRadiant mailing list .. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; Our current status about documentation and UI: 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; The documentation base is at http://www.qeradiant.com/manual, and it's 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; rather complete already. We have the current version of the manual in the 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; CVS (search this list archives for CVS access information on zerowing or 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; see the FAQ which SpoG updated recently 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; http://www.qeradiant.com/faq/fom-serve/cache/116.html). The manual pages 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; in CVS are in doc/manual and have been updated a bit with GtkRadiant 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; screenshots instead of old Q3Radiant ones. But it's basically the same 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; thing. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; Radiant UI .. basically Radiant is constrained a lot by it's codebase. The 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; source is messy in a lot of places and that puts some constraints on what 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; you can do with it UI-wise. There is also the fact that the UI doesn't 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; change a lot because everyone is used to the way it currently works. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; Let us know more precisely what you plan on doing.. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; TTimo 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; "Comrade.Cid theKillerRabbit" wrote: 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; Thanks for mailing me about this, guys - I do appreciate it 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; I'm on the GTK mailing list already, though I should probably clarify 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; that I have no interest in releasing my own copy of either GTKrad or its 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; documentation. Rather, I would like to contribute to the development 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; process (which I will do via Bugzilla/other formalized request 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; processes), and I would like to participate in the writing of the final 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; user manuals, rather than my own propietary release. 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; Specifically, I would like to have a very active role in documenting the 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; product UI and usage. This would entail me putting together a model for 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; the documentation layout, and assisting in the writing/editting of the 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; manuals as they progress. Like GTKrad development, this would be a 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; community effort in good faith and in-line with the EULA. I am willing 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; and able to do the work, and would rather the job be done properly, than 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; see it remain incomplete and out-of-date, as sometimes occured with 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; Q3rad (the documentation, although excellent, hasn't been officially 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; updated since build 192). 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; In that vein, should I proceed with the preliminary documentation 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; model? 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; 
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; &gt; thanks -Cid 
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