[cod] Sorry have to vent, Modern Warfare 2 on the PC

Oliver Warburton olly at inx-gaming.co.uk
Sun Oct 18 18:44:00 EDT 2009

You might as well do it on a console.

This is what they want....

This is what is going to happen....

I've been simmering on this since last night. I'm livid. I do now feel  
a bit of a wally for posting this http://www.inx-gaming.com/gaming-blog/cod-6-modernware-2/modernware-2-servers-will-be-a-hit/ 
. But in many ways, I wasn't far off the money was I? Despite the  
boycotting (I've cancelled my pre-order, and I'm never buying a COD  
game again), they'll stick make a HELL of a lot of money. No petition  
is going to work.

The main issue being piracy. You have to be so much smarter to send  
your Xbox 360 off to get chipped to play pirated games. Running cracks  
etc on COD4 was easy, and rife. From the emails we get, particularly  
from the poorer nations in Europe.

Why bother with a platform, where its so hard to stop people from  
grabbing the software for free? Particularly where the return is a  
fraction of the gamepad noob brigade.

So GSP's, PC multiplayers gamers- you can thank the warez brigade  
mainly for this. I hate them so much, we have a templated email for  
those that response from our helpdesk us asking if we do cracked  
servers now- it's not pretty.

PC gaming as it is, is going to die the a small halt the next 3-5  
years. It was a niche market 7 years ago when I first started. It'll  
be even more a niche in a few years.

I've said before- but we should be supporting Valve who have always  
brought us excellent dedicated server software, on Windows AND Linux.  
Regular updates, and they do listen to us. Activision through their  
different channels have never really looked after our interests. It's  
never made financial sense, and COD6 was breaking pointing.

The lack of linux binaries has always been the tip of the iceberg.  
They are deliberately dumbing down the games. Gaming used to be for  
intelligent, smart people. Now there is a vast amount of dolites  
spending their welfare money on it (http://www.inx-gaming.com/gaming-blog/from-the-office/why-console-fps-games-are-for-jeremy-kyle-contestants/ 
). Gaming is being dumbed down big time, and as such so is online play.

Back to Valve, the embracing person in me thinks Left 4 Dead was a one  

The cynic thinks TF2 and such games are going to be in such a small  
minority, and as the games for multiplayer die out, so will Valve's  
new release. The match making system on L4D was the beginning of the  
end. People talking of the new CSS. I'm certainly not speculating any  
more of my money, given I would take a massive bet it'll be primarily  
aimed at consoles, and not the 16 vs 16 player servers, for PC players  
we're used to.

It changed a long time ago guys!

This weekend was a bit of a turning point for me- and I've only really  
just taken it all in. It's all changing for us, as gamers, and in my  
case both, but what puts food on the table, a director of a GSP.

Tomorrow I'm going to be thinking about what our LTD company can  
branch out into, because game server hosting certainly isn't growing-  
those of you that have been watching the stats will have noticed  
there's almost 30% less servers online for PC multiplayer games than  
there were this time last year.

On a final note, someone said earlier, how they are good enough to let  
us know before the game release....

Do you not think they've worked out that only a small proportion will  
actually cancel the pre-order?

And on a personal note, what really upsets me over this is that we've  
spent a small fortune porting out control panel / backend / entire  
system so it'll support Windows servers.

I suppose we'll be able to host Garys Mod now!!!

I guess we were a few releases too late!

Apologies in advance for the horrible spellings and grammatical errors  
above- I wasn't planning to even think about this until work tomorrow.

Oliver Warburton
Managing Director
INX-Network LTD


On 18 Oct 2009, at 23:20, James Landi wrote:

> I would assume at a lan party you would have to setup one box in the  
> corner to host the game as if someone was sitting there. Everyone  
> should have less them 1ms ping .
> Now , would these boxes including all clients need to be able to  
> contact the mother ship to authenticate is another questions.  I  
> guess if they can do it on the console you should be fine.......
> Jim Landi
> Rudedog
> FPSadmin.com
> Microsoft MVP, Games for Windows
> Vadim Clyne-Kelly wrote:
>> Just wondering. How does all of this effect LAN play? Would be a  
>> huge loss if this couldnt be played at LAN parties or would it  
>> probably be the case of client listening servers? Anybody know of a  
>> LAN option?
>> Thanks,
>> Vadim
>> 2009/10/18 James Landi <jim at landi.net <mailto:jim at landi.net>>
>>    Richard, remember Activision hires Ryan to port the exe and other
>>    files so they run on the Linux OS.  Ryan is a business man and I
>>    would imagine he would like to continue any further business
>>    practices with Activision on good terms.  He can not comment or
>>    should comment on this.
>>    It's simply not his fault, or doing.  All we can do is appreciate
>>    all the things Ryan has done above these contracts with Activision
>>    (release zero day patches for us)
>>    Thanks Ryan, wish you got this contract, here's looking that you
>>    get the Dice contract for BFBC2 and BF1943.
>>    Jim Landi
>>    Rudedog
>>    FPSadmin.com
>>    Microsoft MVP, Games for Windows
>>    Richard GrosJean wrote:
>>        You have got a nice ball rolling, sir.
>>        What happens next though? Does Ryan C. Gordon beam down, snap
>>        his fingers and release Linux bins? :-D
>>        On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 2:08 AM, James Landi <jim at landi.net
>>        <mailto:jim at landi.net> <mailto:jim at landi.net
>>        <mailto:jim at landi.net>>> wrote:
>>           First let me say that I will not be hosting or releasing
>>        any files
>>           for MW2,  With the lack of any response or support from  
>> IW or
>>           Activision I see no reason to support them with my  
>> bandwidth,
>>           community or access.  Hell after my public comments I may
>>        not have
>>           access to these files anymore, but that's fine I can move  
>> on to
>>           other games and or hobbies rather quickly.  Sorry there's  
>> no
>>           kissing ass on my end.
>>           I've already informed my community that MW2 is a "must  
>> wait for
>>           patch" title and not to pre-order or purchase on day one.
>>           Not sure if any GSPs are pre-renting MW2 servers but you
>>        should be
>>           very careful and watch yourselves.  With the lack of any
>>        real PC
>>           related information, worst then any past Call of Duty  
>> title to
>>           date, I can only feel that we are in for a very bumpy road
>>        as well
>>           as some very bad headaches.
>>           If there's any type of dedicated server in the box, you  
>> already
>>           know it's going to be Windows only, for god knows how long.
>>         That
>>           combined with unreleased system specs for the clients means
>>        they
>>           don't know what or how it's going to run.
>>           Then there is this whole rumor about the PC version being
>>        delayed.
>>            It's been close to 2 weeks now and Activision, IW and or
>>        402 have
>>           yet to confirm or deny the rumors in public.   That can
>>        only mean
>>           they are trying to rush what ever they have out the door.
>>            Unfortunately we'll have to pay for their rushing a
>>        product that
>>           unlike past Call of duty titles from IW their hearts are
>>        not in it
>>           this time.  Which means for us, a buggy game with many  
>> unsolved
>>           issues when it's released.
>>           With the lack of any information or simply communications
>>        from IW
>>           in regards to the PC side of this game so close to release,
>>        what
>>           make anyone think that we'll get the support after the game
>>        ships?
>>           Sorry for my rant Rudedog out.
>>           Jim Landi
>>           Rudedog
>>           FPSadmin.com
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