[cod] Sorry have to vent, Modern Warfare 2 on the PC

Petr Jelinek pjmodos at seznam.cz
Sun Oct 18 10:51:43 EDT 2009

Christian Gerbrandt napsal(a):
> I followed the email thread here, and also listened to the webcast.
> There are some major changes in the way online multiplayer is used for MW2.
> But may I also point you to another game, which made almost the same
> changes, and is more popular then before?
> Quake Live
> I know you can't really compare QL with MW2, but to some extend you can.
> Id has taken the step, and took their whole gaming experience into the
> webbrowser.
> Obviously, you can't host a dedicated Server anymore. That is all done by
> id.
> They host everything.
> The point here is, the community is playing it, a lot.
> It is played on a professional level in big tournaments.

Not the same, id came to big GSPs (and ISPs with game hosting 
experience) and rented servers from them on which they run/manage/admin QL.

If MW2 has console style system, which would mean users running listen 
servers on their home machine with their home internet connection then 
that's completely different scenario.

Petr Jelinek (PJMODOS)

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