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 Work is still progressing on this, but there really isn't anything
 terribly interesting to report right now.

 Working on the 1.1 spec. Also tossing around the idea of doing a new
 implementation from scratch...al_osx taught me a lot about how to structure
 this, and I have a lot of ideas about what I'd do differently if I had to do
 it again from scratch. Apple definitely seems to have the MacOS side of
 things covered, but there's some other Unixes and such I'd like to tackle
 with this, if I ever get around to it. As for my al_osx code tree, it's
 mostly a historical relic at this point, but it'll stick around on life
 support for awhile for things that need a tiny version until Tiger ships,
 like we did with this crop of Unreal titles and Feeding Frenzy and such.

 There's just no way around it...the UnrealEngine1 renderer totally blows
 on modern hardware. This really needs a rewrite before we're done. :/

Unreal Tournament 2003:
 One more Linux build on its way, then I'm taking this out of my .plan, honest.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
 Patch 3355 for Linux and Mac:
  Mac users no longer need a DVD in the drive, Linux/amd64 people should get
  a real framerate again.

 Still working out crashes...

Call of Duty:
 The Linux server patches are out now! Mirrors are listed here:
  COD 1.5:
  United Offensive 1.51:

Postal 2 Share the Pain:
 Linux retail version is now shipping! Buy it at TuxGames, and help
  starving children in Africa named "zakk":

 Download the free Linux demo from 12 years ago:

 Buy the full game for MacOSX:

 Download the free demo for MacOSX:

America's Army:
 ArmyOps 2.3.0 for Linux:

 ArmyOps 2.3.0 for MacOS X is in beta testing right now. No release date,
  but it shouldn't be long, I hope.

Other stuff:
 Someone figure out how to make Tivo2Go work with Linux so I don't have
  to throw this thing in the trash and fight with MythTV instead.

 Then again, I should take the general suckiness of Tivo2Go as a sign that
  watching TV is a waste of time.


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