Levels Included

Qreate ships with quite a few custom levels for you to play on.
Let's check some of them out below.

by eukara

A dark backalley in an industrial district featuring two football goals and an actual ball to play with! Also perfect for AI vs AI battles.

by Xylemon

A dark, dystopian depiction of a futuristic arcade. Full of music that eukara listens to. Also features drivable segways and the one and only saxophone concert in QUAKE history!

by Xylemon

A general sandboxy hub. Allows you to visit the episodes of QUAKE as well as select most custom maps in Qreate.

by Xylemon

Highly abstract map, focused towards posing/making scenes. Full of varied sets and stories.

by eukara

First map eukara ever made for Qreate. Large outdoor area and two towers.

by eukara

A fast moving train! Oh noes!
Imagine all the possibilities!

by Xylemon

The very first map ever created for Qreate. Very basic map with no specific purpose other than offering a few different areas to play on.

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