[ut3] linux client

Ryan F. Barton debian.moment at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 16:26:45 EDT 2009

It's cool, it doesn't bother me that much. Maybe it should be 
established for this mailing list, that when replying, reply to the top. 
Sometimes it gets odd, having to catch up by reading top, then bottom, 
and then middle.

Josh wrote:
> That is an entirely different flame war there. I've seen this pop up 
> on just about every mailing list I'm on and it always ends up split 
> about 50/50.
> It's a personal preference and if it seriously bothers you that much 
> maybe you need to get a job at the FCC and try to get it banned. You 
> would fit in fine with those folks.
> Ryan F. Barton wrote:
>> Thunderbird also defaults to the bottom of the message when replying. 
>> this is a standard based on forums and mailing lists alike. Its weird 
>> how people will change this setting or scroll to the top and make 
>> room for their reply there.
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