[ut3] Linux Client

Andreas Micklei nurgle at gmx.de
Fri Oct 26 09:35:01 EDT 2007

Am Freitag, 26. Oktober 2007 schrieb zyagon:
> It's normal that different versions are released at different dates, but
> i think you're right with the nice-boxed-version thing.. It's not the same
> buying a useless windows version that needs an extra download to work
> on linux/mac to having the real client with the tux/mac logo on it. I'm
> glad the porting is beeing done, but it would be sad to release it as a
> loose download after the hard work

I am glad that Epic invests their limited resources regarding linux in the 
software rather than in a box.

Extra downloads are neccessary anyway when updates come. I really don't 
understand the point of this whole discussion.

Andreas Micklei

P.s. Yes, I have a shiny collection of Loki Boxes. They are nice to look at. 
But is that really important? Yes, the penguin on the ut2004 box was nice 
too, so what?

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