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Fri Oct 26 09:13:55 EDT 2007


It's normal that different versions are released at different dates, but
i think you're right with the nice-boxed-version thing.. It's not the same
buying a useless windows version that needs an extra download to work
on linux/mac to having the real client with the tux/mac logo on it. I'm
glad the porting is beeing done, but it would be sad to release it as a
loose download after the hard work



2007/10/26, Lupine <thelupine at gmail.com>:
> On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 21:36 -0400, [Apoc]Death wrote:
> > "Ignore him, Ryan...  He is a foooooooooool."
> > birthday.  No, holding your breath till you turn blue or throwing a
> > temper tantrum will not make it arrive any faster.  I'm sure you're
> > all big boys, so you should know better.
> > anticipation...  Perhaps you might learn something...
> Thanks for the personal attacks, even though I did not personally attack
> any one person.  My distaste was aimed at Epic.  Having found out that
> the Linux version will NOT be in the box, unlike it was for the UT2k4
> release....is truly a step BACKWARDS in my mind....and hence, the "bang
> up job" comment.  I'm sorry, but backwards progress is backwards
> progress.
> It is MY money I will be giving to Epic...well, was...so I EXPECT, not
> want, but EXPECT to get what I paid for.  Now, unfortunately, this can
> never happen.  With 2k4, it was at least satisfying that the tux logo
> was on the box and the install files was on the DVD....because in my
> mind, THAT is what I was paying for.  If anything, Linux has GAINED
> popularity, but obviously not according to Epic and their one man
> crusade to get a client out....hence, the "truly sad" comment.
> Truly sorry that my OPINION of Epic's lack-o-efforts for Linux feels
> like a slap in the face.
> -Lup
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