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[Apoc]Death death at apoc.org
Fri Oct 26 09:53:09 EDT 2007

On Oct 26, 2007, at 8:12 AM, Lupine wrote:

> Thanks for the personal attacks

You're welcome.  Thanks for the defensive response confirming my jest- 
filled insinuations.  I find it curious that you took my rather light- 
hearted pokes seriously at all, and yet ignored my constructive  
suggestions on how to better spend your time.

> My distaste was aimed at Epic.

Then you are barking up the wrong tree, as Ryan mentioned earlier...   
Note that this email list is "ut3 at icculus.org" and not "ut3- 
linux at epicgames.com".  He does the work, but as far as most of us  
know, he does not call the shots on any of this, nor is he the Epic/ 
Linux message boy for you or for us.   If you really want Epic's ear,  
then your only recourse is to go shout in the forums with all the  
rest of the vocal minority dissatisfied with the beta demo.  For your  
convenience, here's a link:


> It is MY money I will be giving to Epic...well, was...so I EXPECT, not
> want, but EXPECT to get what I paid for.

I believe that Ryan previously wrote, "I don't think there will be a  
retail Linux box. If anything, some print run may add the installer  
to the disc, but it's not something to wait for."  If you are so  
dissatisfied with the current situation, then indeed, speak with your  
currency (not your keyboard), and wait to purchase until the  
aforementioned future print run of the game with linux installer  
comes to pass, if it does.  That is perfectly reasonable, in my  
opinion.  On the other hand, it is not reasonable to be complaining  
here, instead of on the forums.

(Mmmm, a little thread crossing just to confuse everyone!)

On Oct 26, 2007, at 12:17 AM, Johannes Kühnel wrote:

> This shouldn't be a bash'n'bash mailing list, but a list where  
> people get informed about Ryan's work AND where people are able to  
> get help.

> For offtopic discussions and bashing just send an email to the one  
> you want to discuss with or to bash.

Very true.  My apologies to all for feeding the troll.  He's just so  
damn cute, though!  :)



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