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XBoxes aren't Pentium anymore. All modern consoles--PS3 (Cell), XBox  
360, and Wii, use PowerPC-based processors of one flavor or another.

(Which is what led to the irony of Microsoft initially requiring XBox  
360 developers to use PowerMac G5s.)

That said, I suspect the PPC Mac market for UT3 is larger than the  
PPC Linux market. Still small, but if a patch added to an existing  
product can make a Universal Binary, then I can see why the  
possibility is being considered.

(As for the number of Mac end-user, non-server, primary daily-use  
systems being greater than the number of Linux end-user, non-server,  
primary daily-use systems... probably true. HOWEVER, Linux users  
probably have more overlap with gamers. Luckily both platforms have  
Epic's support. And Ryan's!)


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> uh?
> AFAIK, the XBox uses Pentium processors for their work, not PPC...  
> am i wrong?
> On still another topic... Ryan, out of curious, do you how easy it is
> to port to a game to OS X (Macintel) when compared to Linux?
> I ask this because i see Parallels and VMware fusion already offering
> support for 3D Virtualization but nothing on the Windows/Linux side.
> Since OS X supports OpenGL i imagine it would be equally simple to
> port it to Linux/Windows... hope i made myself clear... just woke up,
> and haven't been speaking english in quite some time... :)
> On 10/26/07, Thomas Ilnseher <ilnseher at eit.uni-kl.de> wrote:
>>> I don't believe in a PPC build either.
>>> The hardware base that would actually still be able to play UT well
>>> on a PPC machine is getting smaller every day and then you likely
>>> can't simply recompile it for PPC. You'd likely have to sort out
>>> endian issues, bitswapping and all that annoying stuff. I don't  
>>> think
>>> it would pay off in the end.
>> This bitswapping stuff needs to be done anyway, 'cause PS3 and  
>> YBoX use
>> PPCish hardware.but a build is definitively hard to do... like ryan
>> said: maybe ...
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