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Matthias Bach marix at marix.org
Fri Oct 19 08:10:12 EDT 2007


Am Freitag 19 Oktober 2007 schrieb Thomas Ilnseher:
> Therefore you got: (small linux gaming user base) * (small percentage of
> linux users that would buy physX) = very small number, not worth porting
> drivers.

As far as I monitored the discussion this would especially be interesting for 
servers, too. And AFAIK the linux percentage on servers is way higher than 
the client one. And one card would be way cheaper then getting a whole second 
server ;) At least I think on a server there would be a huge benifit, as 
there is no graphics to do anyways.


Matthias Bach

"Was nicht mit einer gewissen Unsicherheit behaftet ist,
 kann unmöglich die Wahrheit sein." - Richard P. Feynman
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