[ut3] Ageia Physics Linux

Thomas Ilnseher ilnseher at eit.uni-kl.de
Fri Oct 19 07:56:29 EDT 2007

Am Freitag, den 19.10.2007, 13:25 +0200 schrieb Theo Baumgartner:
> Perhaps the customers (us) should ask Ageia. Because when one
> developer ask's they won't do anything.

When one potential customer asks, they also won't do anything.

honestly, i'm also not convinced about this physX stuff.


a) this card is expensive, and a can see only little benefit from it
(this is based on windows reviews though)

b) this card is out quite some time, and while it's price dropped,
cpus' and gpus' prices dropped much more in the same timeframe.
=> Therefore i think cpus and gpus are much better suited for physics as
this card.

c) one blob is enough:
While i certainly try not to be a hardcore GPL-zealot, i have seen the
disadvantage of binary drivers several times with atheros cards and
nvida cards. (therfore i dumped the atheros card for a ralink card !)

therefore i have a quite negative feeling of blob drivers. As i think
ageia is going to release binary drivers, if any, this alone would hold
me away from buying this thing.

While i'm certainly not the only guy who will play ut3 on linux, i think
most of the linux users would behave the same even if drivers were

Therefore you got: (small linux gaming user base) * (small percentage of
linux users that would buy physX) = very small number, not worth porting

anyway, i wish you good luck with your attempt.

> theo

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