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Matthias Bach marix at marix.org
Wed Oct 17 03:30:34 EDT 2007


Am Dienstag 16 Oktober 2007 schrieb Alex Malinovich:
> On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 21:39 +0100, John Watson wrote:
> > This is why I detest Valve's Steam software so much. You don't actually
> > "own" the game you "purchase". You just rent it for as long as Valve let
> > you.
> Sadly, that's nothing new. You've never actually OWNED a single piece of
> software you've ever bought. The only thing you ever get for your money
> is a LICENSE to USE the software, which can be revoked at any time at
> the company's discretion. The only thing that's different with Steam is
> that instead of merely affecting a revocation, they can genuinely put
> that revocation into effect.

Well, one used to buy the licesen, which meant, unlimited license lifetime and 
I can sell it once I no longer use it. No company is allowed to one-sided 
revoke such a licens unless you break the license agreement, and as EULAs in 
contentinental europe are not effective there is no basis on wich to revoke 
this unless you dissassemble the code, share the game or somehow else mess 
with the copyright-holders rights given by law. (Actually in my 
jurisdirection you may dissassemble to fix bugs in unsupported software or to 
get the software running on new hardware.) Nowadays it's more like you get a 
license without any rights on when and how long you'll be able to use it and 
without any possibility to resell it. (Well, UT seems not to be bundled to 
your gamespy ID, so you can, but with EA-Games it's a real problem.)

Matthias Bach

"Was nicht mit einer gewissen Unsicherheit behaftet ist,
 kann unmöglich die Wahrheit sein." - Richard P. Feynman
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