[ut3] Commandline parsing differs w. Linux server

James Best jamesmbest at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 13:27:25 EDT 2007

On 10/16/07, Achton N. Netherclift <achton at netherclift.net> wrote:

> Since the server appears to ignore the .ini's, I've been trying to use the
> command-line to setup map rotation. I tried adding

Make sure you are updating the INI files in the ".Unreal Tournament
3/" directory in the home directory of the user running UT.  These are
the ones that affect the server.

Other then creating a user account for each server has anyone found a
way to run more then one server easily on a single machine (with
different ini files)?  I use the -nohomedir and INI= parameters for
UT2K4, but with more then one INI affecting game details I am not sure
how this will work.



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