[ut3] Commandline parsing differs w. Linux server

Achton N. Netherclift achton at netherclift.net
Thu Oct 25 13:39:44 EDT 2007

James Best wrote:
> Make sure you are updating the INI files in the ".Unreal Tournament
> 3/" directory in the home directory of the user running UT.  These are
> the ones that affect the server.
Care to elaborate this? Are you talking about the Linux server? This
directory does not get created on my system.
> I use the -nohomedir and INI= parameters for
> UT2K4, but with more then one INI affecting game details I am not sure
> how this will work.
I have a custom, web-based configuration switcher in place for UT2004,
that allows me to easily change .ini's on the fly. If the *-ini=*
parameter is not present in UT3, how are we supposed to switch between
the various server configurations?


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