[ut2004] UT2004 wont produce any sound output

Tanuva tanuva at gmx.net
Mon May 21 12:43:15 EDT 2007

On Monday 21 May 2007 14:43:23 Sean Hamilton wrote:
> [ Sent privately, as apparently the mailing list software
>   has decided I am not subscribed. ]
> On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 08:30:02PM +0200,
>     Tanuva wrote:
> | Ive installed UT2k4 a few hours ago and have played
> | approx. one of them - runs great. Except the sound, I
> | cant make ut produce any sound output! Most of the
> | howtos on the net didnt help and im fairly desperate.
> Have you tried:
> $ echo "(define devices '(alsa))" >> ~.openalrc
> Though, I would not have much confidence in this working
> if aoss did not.

Yeeeha! I hear the rockets hitting the wall around me while my minigun's 
screaming wildly! Wooh what an experience to play with sound! xD

This brought the sound to the primary sound card, onboard chip, what means the 
headset. If you can now also tell me how I can make it get the output to the 
audigy (alsa card hw:2,x) which is made the pcm default in the .asoundrc? 
That .asoundrc-thing works perfect for "normal" native apps, but UT wont 
respect it.... So can you tell me how I get the sound to hw:2,x? If you can, 
youre god! :)


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