UT2004 wont produce any sound output

Tanuva tanuva at gmx.net
Sun May 20 14:30:02 EDT 2007


Ive installed UT2k4 a few hours ago and have played approx. one of them - runs 
great. Except the sound, I cant make ut produce any sound output! Most of the 
howtos on the net didnt help and im fairly desperate.
The setup:
Two sound cards, Onboard chip and an Audigy4. The onboard chip is alsa-card 0, 
audigy card 2, but using an .asoundrc file I managed to get the audigy the 
default one for alsa - alright until here. But even aoss cant bring the (if 
any) sound output of ut2k4 to the speakers. Can anyone tell me how to fix 
this? (Yes, the volume is on the maximum ;) )

Kubuntu 7.04, Linux 2.6.20

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