[ut2004] linux fps

Steve Pirk orion at deathcon.com
Fri Jun 15 23:26:32 EDT 2007

I am not sure it is a Linux thing. Even in windows, my FPS
fluctuates quite a bit. Locally, it depends on what is in your
frame of view (complexity of surroundings), and online, you
need to add in the quality of your connection to the server
as an added variable.

Just my 0.02 worth... I may be totally wrong...


On Sat, 16 Jun 2007, Frozen Wastz wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm fairly new to ut on Linux (about 6 months), but I've been playing ut for
> 4 years now. My question is this:
> How do i get the FPS to stay constant?
> The machine is a q6600proc, asus commando mobo, 8800GTX GPU, with 4gb gskill
> 6400 ddr2.
> At the moment i can play quite well with my fps however it fluctuates
> between 50 fps and 83. I have tried various things including the netspeed
> 20000 netspeed 10001 trick, which gives me up to 130 fps, but again dropping
> to 50 fps from time to time. Off-line i can get up to 400fps and in windows
> (when i have tried it) and on-line it runs at 83fps constantly. This would
> be quite acceptable in Linux if i could just get it to stay constant.
> I have a fair bit of Linux experience but its generally with headless
> servers, so X configuration doesn't play a huge part...
>     A number of others who play with me are experiencing similar problems,
> and we have all been trying to figure out a solution, with little success.
> Any help would be much appreciated
> Regards
> Frozen

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