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Fri Jun 15 23:15:47 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to ut on Linux (about 6 months), but I've been playing ut for
4 years now. My question is this:

How do i get the FPS to stay constant?

The machine is a q6600proc, asus commando mobo, 8800GTX GPU, with 4gb gskill
6400 ddr2.

At the moment i can play quite well with my fps however it fluctuates
between 50 fps and 83. I have tried various things including the netspeed
20000 netspeed 10001 trick, which gives me up to 130 fps, but again dropping
to 50 fps from time to time. Off-line i can get up to 400fps and in windows
(when i have tried it) and on-line it runs at 83fps constantly. This would
be quite acceptable in Linux if i could just get it to stay constant.

I have a fair bit of Linux experience but its generally with headless
servers, so X configuration doesn't play a huge part...

    A number of others who play with me are experiencing similar problems,
and we have all been trying to figure out a solution, with little success.

Any help would be much appreciated


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