[ut2004] FINALLY!

Jules Chianelli giuliano at rogers.com
Sat Apr 28 12:16:12 EDT 2007

Ketzerei/Deafmonkey wrote:
> Well, after quite literally going through hell, it works. It ended up 
> being just a stupid defect in the driver package I was using. So, now 
> I'm happily playing. However, I have a joystick that I used when I 
> played on windows, and I can't seem to figure out how to configure the 
> X, Y, and Z axis on the stick. I want the X to strafe (it does that 
> MOST of the time), the Y to lookup and down like a mouse, and the Z to 
> look left and right. Also, what do you put in the .ini file to uncap 
> 12 buttons? Thank you all who helped me, else i'd still be going at it 
> and getting no where. You guys rock. :) 
Using Linux is always a learning experience......hope you enjoy UT2004!

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