Ketzerei/Deafmonkey h3adbanger101 at
Sat Apr 28 11:51:17 EDT 2007

Well, after quite literally going through hell, it works. It ended up being
just a stupid defect in the driver package I was using. So, now I'm happily
playing. However, I have a joystick that I used when I played on windows,
and I can't seem to figure out how to configure the X, Y, and Z axis on the
stick. I want the X to strafe (it does that MOST of the time), the Y to
lookup and down like a mouse, and the Z to look left and right. Also, what
do you put in the .ini file to uncap 12 buttons? Thank you all who helped
me, else i'd still be going at it and getting no where. You guys rock. :)
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