[ut2004] server tick rate and fps

Alex Boag-Munroe boagenator at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 23:56:29 EDT 2005

Heh I know servers that run on 60 tick.

Personally, I find 20-25 to be fine.

On 11/10/05, rob larkin <manifold at manifoldone.com> wrote:
> In the last few months I've seen a lot of servers raising tick rates to
> 35 and even higher.  I think it's way too high.  But I'm not having any
> luck convincing anyone.  And I get really annoying fps lag on (only)
> those servers especially if ppl come close to me (no p/l though, and my
> box is a good performer).
> I've read all I can find (unrealadmin, etc.); I think that if the
> default tick rate is 35 for lan (100mb p/s) and the default for internet
> is 20 (56k to 3mb p/s) that should be enough info to demonstrate that 35
> is too high for internet play.  But it's not.  Anyone know of an
> authoritative write up that's newer than that old one on unreal admin?
> Thx

Alex Boag-Munroe

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