server tick rate and fps

rob larkin manifold at
Mon Oct 10 21:44:01 EDT 2005

In the last few months I've seen a lot of servers raising tick rates to 
35 and even higher.  I think it's way too high.  But I'm not having any 
luck convincing anyone.  And I get really annoying fps lag on (only) 
those servers especially if ppl come close to me (no p/l though, and my 
box is a good performer).

I've read all I can find (unrealadmin, etc.); I think that if the 
default tick rate is 35 for lan (100mb p/s) and the default for internet 
is 20 (56k to 3mb p/s) that should be enough info to demonstrate that 35 
is too high for internet play.  But it's not.  Anyone know of an 
authoritative write up that's newer than that old one on unreal admin?


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