Audio strangeness.

Gian Paolo Mureddu thetargos at
Fri Nov 4 14:35:03 EST 2005

    So I finally got my brand new and shiny AMD64 Athlon64 processor, 
and installed an x86-64 OS on my computer: Fedora Core 4. I previously 
had a 32-bit (i386) installation of it, and I wanted to experiment with 
a 64-bit system. I did not wanted to migrate my UT2004 installation, 
since I figured I would require to re-install the program to get the 
needed 64-bit libraries (, mainly).... Anyway, I'm a seasoned 
Linux user, but never faced something like this. I'm running the 32-bit 
version of UT2004 on my x86-64 Fedora installation. I have two audio 
cards configured: The onboard sound card (VIA 8237) and my addon old and 
trusty Sound Blaster Live! Value card. The Live! is set to be the 
primary card, I usually change the default Fedora configuration in 
modprobe.conf to a more ALSA-project documentation style (seems cleaner 
to me). Anyway, the actual problem is that for some obscure reason, 
UT2004 will only playback sound on the secondary card!! I don't know why 
it is doing this, I figure it has something to do with its configuration 
somewhere in ~/.ut2004, problem is I don't know where to look for that. 
Needless to say that this problem did not show under 32-bit Fedora. Also 
the sound is played back way too fast, though the animation is normal. 
Any insights?

If I was not to re-install the game, is there a way to run the 64-bit 
version of the game? I mean, I already have the ut2004-bin-linux-amd64 
and ucc-bin-linux-amd64 binaries...

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