[ut2004] still no love with ut2004 amd64

Dean Hamstead dean at bong.com.au
Fri Nov 4 17:11:01 EST 2005

> Not necessarily in that order. Traces from ut2004 will have nothing to 
> do with these. Just because some things work doesn't mean there isn't a 
> bug or problem in one of these.

running strace on ut2004 actually increases the stability and
i even got some syslog stuff recently. ill post it.

> You say you are on current versions of things (although I don't know 
> about any patches from any forums, my setup runs fine without them!), 
> althogh I don't know, maybe there was some issue with the way you built 
> it or bad gcc version or something... anyway, once you rule out the 
> software, it's a hardware thing.

well you ask nvidia for help. first thing they tell you to do is
apply patches.

> Do you dual boot? Does it run OK in windows? Anything else make you 
> crash like that? Is q3 the only other opengl thing u tried? Check your 
> temps lately?

i have a hard disk with xp on it and windows runs fine. granted its a
pata disk not raided sata. im seriously thinking that somehow ut2004
is loading too fast. why else would running strace around it increase
the stability of the game?

remember that this happened in both 32bit OS and 64bit OS. and
software ut2004 worked consistently as it should, just opengl
crashes every time.

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