[ut2004] game crashes after CPB's and patch

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Sun Mar 6 19:57:01 EST 2005

On Monday 07 March 2005 12:48 am, EC wrote:
> Fri, 25 Feb 2005 03:42:12 +0000 | Pollywog <linux at shadypond.com>
> ::-I installed the game and it ran fine, then I installed, in this order,
> :: CPB1, -CPB2 parts 1 and 2 and then the ECE and then the latest patch. 
> :: Either I did -something wrong or else one of the files I downloaded was
> :: corrupted: -
> ::-pollywog at slider:~$ ut2004
> ::-Failed to load 'Material CBP2_Enki.CharB.PortraitBAS': Can't find file
> :: for -package 'CBP2_Enki'
> ::-Failed to load 'Material CBP2_Enki.CharB.PortraitBBS': Can't find file
> :: for -package 'CBP2_Enki'
> ::-Failed to load 'Material CBP2_Bale.Char.PortraitAAS': Can't find file
> :: for -package 'CBP2_Bale'
> ::-Failed to load 'Material CBP2_Bale.Char.PortraitABS': Can't find file
> :: for -package 'CBP2_Bale'
> ::-Exporting DM-CBP1-Ougaldwin.....Successful!
> ::-Error loading DM-CBP2-Kerosene !
> ::-Error loading CTF-CBP2-Skorbut !
> ::-InPos>Size in FFileManagerWindows.  This error is probably due to either
> :: your -computer overheating, or a corrupted installation of your game. 
> :: If this -error persists, please try re-installing the game.
> ::-
> ::-Any ideas?  Should I leave the CPB's out next time?
> ::-
> ::-
> I would try re-downloading and installing the CPB's (get the zip version). 
> It seems likely that you are just missing some resources from some maps,
> although that really shouldn't cause a fatal error.  Just unzip the packs
> over whatever you have though.

I reinstalled the game, then the ECE followed by the latest patch, then the 
CPB's and all went well that time.

As for why maps take so long to load on my machine, the replies to my question 
lead me to believe it's all about RAM and with 256MB, I do not have enough.


sp at mtr@p: croak at shadypond.com

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