[ut2004] game crashes after CPB's and patch

EC zybhjk at verizon.net
Sun Mar 6 19:48:47 EST 2005

Fri, 25 Feb 2005 03:42:12 +0000 | Pollywog <linux at shadypond.com>

::-I installed the game and it ran fine, then I installed, in this order, CPB1, 
::-CPB2 parts 1 and 2 and then the ECE and then the latest patch.  Either I did 
::-something wrong or else one of the files I downloaded was corrupted:
::-pollywog at slider:~$ ut2004
::-Failed to load 'Material CBP2_Enki.CharB.PortraitBAS': Can't find file for 
::-package 'CBP2_Enki'
::-Failed to load 'Material CBP2_Enki.CharB.PortraitBBS': Can't find file for 
::-package 'CBP2_Enki'
::-Failed to load 'Material CBP2_Bale.Char.PortraitAAS': Can't find file for 
::-package 'CBP2_Bale'
::-Failed to load 'Material CBP2_Bale.Char.PortraitABS': Can't find file for 
::-package 'CBP2_Bale'
::-Exporting DM-CBP1-Ougaldwin.....Successful!
::-Error loading DM-CBP2-Kerosene !
::-Error loading CTF-CBP2-Skorbut !
::-InPos>Size in FFileManagerWindows.  This error is probably due to either your 
::-computer overheating, or a corrupted installation of your game.  If this 
::-error persists, please try re-installing the game.
::-Any ideas?  Should I leave the CPB's out next time?

I would try re-downloading and installing the CPB's (get the zip version).  It seems
likely that you are just missing some resources from some maps, although that really
shouldn't cause a fatal error.  Just unzip the packs over whatever you have though.


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