[ut2004] stuttering sound/low fps on level startup

Paul E. Rybski paul at rybski.net
Fri Feb 25 21:42:46 EST 2005

> I used to have this exact same problem.  I originally thought it was a 
> problem with sounds not loading fast enough, but it turned out that AGP 
> speed was not enabled on my video card.  There was a conflict between 
> NvAGP and AGPGart where AGPGart wouldn't start correctly with Linux but 
> when the driver tried to initialize NvAGP it thought AGPGart was already 
> started!

 	I just want to say THANK YOU for this incredibly useful bit of 
information.  I figured out why my kernel AGPGart driver wasn't loading 
and fixed it.  This has given me the following improvements:

1) No more stuttering on game startup

2) No more long delays before the game starts (as I mentioned in a
    different thread).  It only takes a few seconds now.

3) At least 10-20fps faster average framerate.

Here's a bit more detail of what I had to do to get things to work. 
Looking in my kernel logs, I saw that the problem seemed to be with a lack 
of kernel support for MTRR (Memory Type Range Register).  I turned this 
on, recompiled, reinstalled, and rebooted.  Now my AGP port is running at 
8x and gaming is very sweet.


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