[ut2004] stuttering sound/low fps on level startup

Paul E. Rybski paul at rybski.net
Thu Feb 24 23:36:18 EST 2005

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005, Kris Vorwerk wrote:

>>  	When I typically start a level either through instant action or
>> online, the sound seems to stutter a bit and the framerate is very low
>> until I have "looked around" and seen most of the new environment (and
>> possibly the textures?).  I'm guessing that some caching must be going on
>> which is causing this latency.  Has anyone else run into this problem? I
>> typically play Onslaught maps but I've noticed this to a lesser extent on
>> Assault and deathmath maps.
> Whenever I log in to a server with AntiTCC installed, there's usually
> quite a bit of "jerkiness" early on as textures (and so forth) are
> verified.  If you pull up a console after joining a game, is it possible
> that AntiTCC (or some other anti-cheat script) is being run, and that
> might account for the initial slowness?
> Also, if you reduce the sound quality or graphics quality, do you notice
> an improvement in initial response?
> (FYI, on servers that don't run AntiTCC, I usually don't notice a
> serious impact to framerate after loading a map.)

Hi Kris,
 	Thanks for the suggestions.  However, I don't think that the 
problem is related to the AntiTCC software.  I have the same problem when 
I run in single-player mode, e.g. "Instant Action".  I have problems on 
startup and then especially when I'm playing an Onslaught map (Torlan is a 
good example) when the final power core is destroyed.  The cut scene to 
the core exploding is usually very jerky in the sound as well as in the 
framerate.  Now, is it possible that AntiTCC is running when I run in 
single-player mode?  I haven't seen anything at the console, but maybe I'm 
just not looking in the right place or at the right time...?

I also haven't tried lowering my audio/video settings because after the 
initial jerkyness on startup, the level typically plays fine.  However, 
it's something to try...



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