[ut2004] ut2004 ECE available on CD's?

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Wed Feb 23 16:44:50 EST 2005

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 09:26 pm, Douglas Wade Needham wrote:
> Quoting Pollywog (linux at shadypond.com):
> > On 02/23/2005 05:26 pm, Douglas Wade Needham wrote:
> > > The ECE was also available for download off the UT site.  However,
> > > they seem to have dropped the links to it from the site.  I did find
> > > it on fileplanet at this URL:
> >
> > I have the Bonus Pack, what I am looking for is a full install of the
> > game that includes the ECE stuff.  I am no longer able to install the
> > game from the original set of CD's I bought when the game was released. 
> > The demo will install and run, but the installer fails to install the
> > game on Xandros since Xandros updated their distribution one week ago.  I
> > can't explain it, maybe there is something wrong with my CD, though there
> > are no scratches or anything like that.
> Doh on my part.  I think I saw a CD version someplace back in Nov when
> shopping for a copy to give as a Christmas present, but I may
> have been mistaken.  But before I would spend the money on a new set
> and/or a DVD drive, I would take the following approach.
> 0) Try cleaning your CD drive with a cleaning disk, particularly if it
>    fails at different points and/or you get similiar glitches while
>    using other CDs, including listing to music CDs.

It always fails with the same file and the disk is clean.  I checked the 
md5sum with the md5sum provided by another person with a different set of 
disks, and they match.

> 1) If you have a second system running the same OS, try installing it
>    there first.

I do not have a second system on which the game can be installed.

> 2) In 20 years of HW/SW engineering, the question has always been
>    "what changed?", and we know from your message that there was an
>    update to the distro.  So I would bring up the fact that the
>    install fails with the Xandros folks.  

I did this and was flamed by another user.  The Xandros folks just tell me to 
try on another system, that they do not believe the updates are causing this.

>    It may be that they broke 
>    something in that update, possibly by working in that area, or by
>    adding/enabling something, etc.  If you can tell them that you
>    installed three weeks ago fine, but a week ago you could not, that
>    sort of detail can not only make your case with them, but also help
>    them to narrow down the problem.

I have installed the game on Xandros 2 and on Xandros 3 and I reinstalled when 
the updates were released, then I was unable to install the game.  It's a 
no-brainer for me, the updates have something to do with it UNLESS I have 
failed to install some Linux package that is a prerequisite for installation 
of this game.

> 3) As was just suggested in a different message, try a different
>    distro.
> 4) Got a friend with a different CD set?  Try installing using their
>    CDs and your key.  I do something similar to this when I install on
>    my daughter's PC.  She has the CD set, but I use my DVD with her
>    key to install on her machine.
> Hope this helps.

I am probably due for a new system anyway, so I might have to wait and go 
without UT2004 until I buy a new system.  If I can get a deal on a new set of 
disks with the ECE included, I just might try that.



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