[ut2004] ut2004 ECE available on CD's?

Douglas Wade Needham cinnion at ka8zrt.com
Wed Feb 23 16:26:27 EST 2005

Quoting Pollywog (linux at shadypond.com):
> On 02/23/2005 05:26 pm, Douglas Wade Needham wrote:
> > The ECE was also available for download off the UT site.  However,
> > they seem to have dropped the links to it from the site.  I did find
> > it on fileplanet at this URL:
> I have the Bonus Pack, what I am looking for is a full install of the game 
> that includes the ECE stuff.  I am no longer able to install the game from 
> the original set of CD's I bought when the game was released.  The demo will 
> install and run, but the installer fails to install the game on Xandros since 
> Xandros updated their distribution one week ago.  I can't explain it, maybe 
> there is something wrong with my CD, though there are no scratches or 
> anything like that.

Doh on my part.  I think I saw a CD version someplace back in Nov when
shopping for a copy to give as a Christmas present, but I may
have been mistaken.  But before I would spend the money on a new set
and/or a DVD drive, I would take the following approach.

0) Try cleaning your CD drive with a cleaning disk, particularly if it
   fails at different points and/or you get similiar glitches while
   using other CDs, including listing to music CDs.

1) If you have a second system running the same OS, try installing it
   there first.

2) In 20 years of HW/SW engineering, the question has always been
   "what changed?", and we know from your message that there was an
   update to the distro.  So I would bring up the fact that the
   install fails with the Xandros folks.  It may be that they broke
   something in that update, possibly by working in that area, or by
   adding/enabling something, etc.  If you can tell them that you
   installed three weeks ago fine, but a week ago you could not, that
   sort of detail can not only make your case with them, but also help
   them to narrow down the problem.

3) As was just suggested in a different message, try a different

4) Got a friend with a different CD set?  Try installing using their
   CDs and your key.  I do something similar to this when I install on
   my daughter's PC.  She has the CD set, but I use my DVD with her
   key to install on her machine.

Hope this helps.

- Spacey

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