[ut2004] patch 3369 for GNU/Linux available

Dean Hamstead dean at bong.com.au
Tue Dec 6 00:40:20 EST 2005

using system sdl and openal is normal on debian.


Adam Gibson wrote:
> Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>> Adam Gibson wrote:
>>> Anyone else have their sound stop working after applying the patch?
>>> System is x86_64 but tried the i386 and the x86_64 binary with the
>>> same results.  With the i386 binary I tried the SDL in the System
>>> directory as well as the native SDL in FC4 with the same results too.
>>> The game looks great but no sound.  Quake3, Quake4 and other games
>>> work with sound.
>> The game works just fine with x86_64 Fedora Core 4 here. I have to use
>> the 64-bit binary to get sound, though, as the problem in my system
>> seems to be OpenAL. You may try to yum install openal from the Extras
>> repo and substitute the openal.so library in the System directory. See
>> how it goes. Also I HAD to link my system's libSDL (in
>> /usr/lib64/libSDL.1.2.so.7.1 to libSDL.1.2.so)
> Found the problem.  I moved the included i386 openal.so out of the way 
> for some reason a day earlier which is why sound didn't work on the i386 
> ut2004.  To get the ut2004 64bit binary to work I just had to link 
> /usr/lib64/libopenal.so as openal.so in the ut2004/System directory.  I 
> didn't realize that openal.so was required in the System directory.
> Sound works now for both i386 and x86_64 if I exchange the openal.so and 
> the libSDL-1.2.so.0 in the ut2004/System directory with the correct 
> library in /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 respectively.  I already had the RPM 
> for openal(64bit and 32bit) and SDL(64bit and 32 bit) installed.

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