3369 Crash

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Tue Dec 13 17:00:24 EST 2005

I've been testing out the 3369 and 3369.1 patches. If I play an instant 
action game of Onslaught, I can play through to victory just fine. When 
the next level is trying to load, UT2004 will just die. The only thing 
that comes to the console is "Killed". Here's a tail of my UT2004.log:

Log: MatchViewportsToActors: GUI2K4.UT2K4MainMenu
Debug: UT2k4MainMenu.Opened()   Sender:Package.UT2k4MainMenu
Log: Static mesh batches: 0 vertex bytes, 0 index bytes
Debug: UT2k4MainMenu.Opened()   Sender:None
ScriptLog: Attempting to close a non-existing menu page
Log: URL: Adding default option Name=[SCB]A.T._Hun
Log: URL: Adding default option Class=Engine.Pawn
Log: URL: Adding default option Character=Mekkor
Log: URL: Adding default option team=1
Log: Browse: 

That is precisely where the log ends. Something is killing it even 
before it has a chance to spit anything out to the log. I'm using 
Slackware 10.2 with the 2.6.13 kernel and the latest NVIDIA drivers.


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