[ut2004] New Linux user with a problem!

Matt Cheely mcheely at glue.umd.edu
Fri Apr 29 00:06:55 EDT 2005

Jim Grimsby wrote:
> Pollywog wrote:
>> On Monday 25 April 2005 08:57 am, Jim Grimsby wrote:
>>> Ok I tryed this and here is what I got.
>>> Erron: Bad /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 File
>>> I don't know what this means
>> Does that file exist?  Perhaps you have not configured your X server 
>> for your video card and monitor, do you remember having to answer 
>> questions about your setup?
>> That is why I commented that it was odd that you had the same problem 
>> in Linspire.  It usually takes care of stuff like that for you, but in 
>> Debian it is slightly more complicated, it has to be done manually.
>> 8)
> the file is there!
> when we installed debian we used the desktop package selection, and file 
> server  package selection. when x-window-system was being configured by 
> dpkg it asked the following question.
> it asked one do you want to have your video card dectected  manualy.
> we said yes.
> it was unable to do this.
> it then gave us a list of cards to choice from.
> ati was on the list of cards.
> we then selected ati.
> it then took us to the next step witch was moniter and resalution 
> configuration.
> it then asked 2. what type of moniter do you have.
> are you using a lcd display.
> we set everything up as it should be there for type of display and 
> moniter size.
> we then choice  are resalution setting of 1024/768 this works fine.
> everything in x is working but ut2004 under linux.
> we are able to get it to load in software emulation mode.  it is also at 
> this time working as a server.
> thanks for all the feed back. I hope you can tell me more!
> Jim

Hmm... I'm a Nvidia user, so I don't have a lot of experience with ati 
under linux, but I am running Debian, so I'll try to help. It sounds 
like you're using the open ati driver from the Xfree folks. You may want 
to try to install ATI's proprietary drivers from their website. Having 
never done this under Debian, I can't offer you hints other than to 
suggest reading what's listed on the ati website linux driver section, 
and to ask around on the debian-user mailing lists.

Also, which ATI card do you have, and can you post the contents of your 
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file? Maybe somebody will be able to spot any 
problems with it.

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