[ut2004] webadmin in Ut2004 with RO mod

Mike Noordermeer mike at normi.net
Mon Apr 25 13:29:05 EDT 2005

Rob Kifer wrote:
> Mike,
> I may be onto the answer. When you lose your WebAdmin how many players do
> you have on the server?

Server is probably full at those moments, 22 players on it then.

> I think it is a problem that RO 3.2 is suffering with and that is lag.
> Now I haven't been able to document it but on our BFE server this weekend
> (which is a windows box) we lost WebAdmin until we had people disconnect.
> Once we reduced the load we where able to use WebAdmin again. Let me know if
> this helps you, and as soon as I have enough people on my Linux server I
> will try it to.

Server is on Windows, using 60% CPU at most (dual amd opteron 244). Also 
had the problem with RO 3.1. I'm not 100% sure if the issue is still 
present, I don't monitor it that closely.
I can't just let ppl leave the server since it's not my server but the 
server of a customer ;x

Mike Noordermeer
mike at normi.net

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