[ut2004] webadmin in Ut2004 with RO mod

Rob Kifer robk at epconline.com
Mon Apr 25 10:43:32 EDT 2005

I may be onto the answer. When you lose your WebAdmin how many players do
you have on the server?
I think it is a problem that RO 3.2 is suffering with and that is lag.
Now I haven't been able to document it but on our BFE server this weekend
(which is a windows box) we lost WebAdmin until we had people disconnect.
Once we reduced the load we where able to use WebAdmin again. Let me know if
this helps you, and as soon as I have enough people on my Linux server I
will try it to.


PS I tried RO forums and was never cleared to post on them.

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> Rob Kifer wrote:
> > Running ut2004 3355 with the Red Orchestra mod on a dedicated server.
Everything is working fine, but after playing on the server for a bit we are
unable to get into WebAdmin. We can log in to WebAdmin to start with, and
see no errors in the logs. We can still use AdminLogin in the game.
> > Any ideas.
> Have the same issue here. At the same time the webadmin dies some
> gamespy query ports die too. All is fine after a map restart though
> iirc. Haven't found a solution yet, on the RO forums you'll find more
> ppl with the same problem.
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> Mike Noordermeer
> mike at normi.net

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