[ut2004] webadmin in Ut2004 with RO mod

Mike Noordermeer mike at normi.net
Sun Apr 24 19:32:09 EDT 2005

Rob Kifer wrote:
> Running ut2004 3355 with the Red Orchestra mod on a dedicated server. Everything is working fine, but after playing on the server for a bit we are unable to get into WebAdmin. We can log in to WebAdmin to start with, and see no errors in the logs. We can still use AdminLogin in the game.
> Any ideas.

Have the same issue here. At the same time the webadmin dies some 
gamespy query ports die too. All is fine after a map restart though 
iirc. Haven't found a solution yet, on the RO forums you'll find more 
ppl with the same problem.

Mike Noordermeer
mike at normi.net

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