[ut2004] Strike Force

^(o,o)^ Turk2000 acnrvi at tin.it
Mon Sep 13 11:08:19 EDT 2004

Today, imek at blueyonder.co.uk said to me :)

 #- imek --# 
 #- imek --# Where is this file? I can't seem to find the official SF 2004 
 #- imek --# website with Google. Anyway, the only thing I can suggest is 
 #- imek --# asking around some forums for someone to host a zip or umod 
 #- imek --# version, I'm sure someone will eventually. The same happened 
 #- imek --# with Frag Ops before they finally released a newer zip 
 #- imek --# version.
 #- imek --# 

 If you have Windows then you can dowload SF04 from this location:


 Yes, I hope tommorow someone will make a "zip". The old SF was not
easy to install. Ouch, now we can play to ut2004 and however most 
of the modders continues to develop their games for windows only? :(

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