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Where is this file? I can't seem to find the official SF 2004 website with Google. Anyway, the only thing I can suggest is asking around some forums for someone to host a zip or umod version, I'm sure someone will eventually. The same happened with Frag Ops before they finally released a newer zip version.

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Today, Pollywog said to me :)

 #- linux --# I don't know if you have seen this, but take a look here:
 #- linux --# 
 #- linux --# http://www.hut.fi/~kalyytik/sf/linux-sf.html
 #- linux --# 
 #- linux --# It has info for servers and clients.
 #- linux --# 

 Thank you. I never played to the old SF but now there is this
 SF 2004 demo online and I was going to play it with linux but
 it has an installshield file so I have not chance at the moment :/

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