[ut2004] Strike Force

Tino 'Trips' Schuettpelz tino at schuettpelz.org
Mon Sep 13 11:32:45 EDT 2004

Christian Schmidt schrieb:
>> http://ns1.tnt21.ca/~backup/SF2004.exe
> *sigh* File not found...
> It's a real installshield-file, right? No self-executing zip?

I haven't checked for a while, but Mike used to create Installshield
executables. Anyways, it's a rather easy install. Get the .exe, extract
it using wine, adapt the .ini files to your needs, copy to your profile
folder or your game instalation dir, and enjoy.

For those without wine, I will do a zip archive, it'll just take some
time as I'm preoccupied with other stuff atm...

I'd prefer the realshooters.com web site for the download if I was you,
by the way ;).

(did some static meshes for SF)

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