[ut2004] UT2K4 ECE DVD

TheGsusFreek thegsusfreek at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 13:16:41 EDT 2004

> I don't think there is a simple way to install mods
> in Linux, but somewhere I 
> saw an explanation of how to do it.  It seemed too
> confusing to me.  I seem 
> to recall it involved installing them in Windows and
> then copying files over 
> to Linux.

Thanx.  I'll try that.  I was hoping to be able to get
rid of Windows XP soon, but it looks like I ought to
keep it around for good measure.

> Where does one get the CD you obtained?  

I bought the DVD version at Software Etc. (GameStop).
You can find it at:


>I installed
> the ECE which I 
> downloaded but I don't recall any mods.

No, the ECE bonus pack available for download does not
include the mods.  That was another reason why I got
the ECE disc: it had the ECE bonus pack + 11 user

>As for the mods on the ECE disk, I have no idea. Try
>running 'file' on
>them and see what they are (my guess is a win32
>executable, which is
>problems for Linux users)

Yeah, like I said I can't find the mod files.  From
what I understand, all mods are stored in either .zip
or .ut24mod format.  I've run a "find -name" for
things like *.ut*, *.u*, *mod*.*, *.*mod*, etc........
  with no relevant results.  There isn't even a folder
named "Mods" or anything!  I tried to read the .msi
(mod installer) file for hints but came up with things
like: "alienswarm+long string of numbers+.exe"   which
is totally useless to me.  It looks like what I should
do is either:

1) Take back the ECE edition and save ten bucks by
getting the original UT2004 DVD and just download the
mods (a total pain).


2) See if I can't try to install the mods in windows
and copy the files over to Linux (also a total pain).

Anyway, thanx a bunch for your help!  If anybody comes
up with anything else, let me know!

Because of Christ,
Phillip Baxter (TheGsusFreek)

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