[ut2004] UT2K4 ECE DVD

Pollywog linux at shadypond.com
Tue Oct 12 12:54:35 EDT 2004

On 10/12/2004 03:49 pm, Steve Ellis wrote:
> You could try (with umods) from the installed ut2004/System directory
> ./ucc-bin umodunpack -x file.ut4mod -nohomedir
> But this can be a pain as it does not create the directories for the
> mod, you need to look over the errors and make the directories
> accordingly. Is this something that Ryan can fix in the ucc-bin, have
> it run mkdir before coping the files over? I know it's a Unix/Linux
> limitation, but could it be worked around within the ucc-bin itself?
> As for the mods on the ECE disk, I have no idea. Try running 'file' on
> them and see what they are (my guess is a win32 executable, which is
> problems for Linux users)
> Last resort you can always get the mods and manually install them or
> use on of the installers put together from
> http://liflg.sourceforge.net/

I just installed the installer and it didn't really work, I got this:

Listing product updates

Unreal Tournament 2004
URL: http://unreal.epicgames.com/updates/ut2004/updates.txt
Looking up unreal.epicgames.com
Connecting to unreal.epicgames.com
ERROR: HTTP error from server: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Unable to retrieve update list


Maybe it will get fixed sometime.  Thanks for mentioning the installer, I did 
not know it existed.


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